ReGripping, Repair and Customization Services

Regrip Service for any club                                                $3.50

Lengthen or Shorten club length                                       $10.00

Change Loft / Lie on iron                                                  $5.00

Remove / Fix Rattle from Head or Shaft                             $10.00

Remove Broken Shaft                                                     $10.00

Tighten Loose Head                                                       $10.00

*Cost is for Service Only. The cost of selected grip will be added to this charge.

ReShafting Services

ReShaft Services for an iron or metalwood                        $20.00

ReShaft Services for Bore-Thru iron or metalwood              $25.00

*Cost is for Service Only. The cost of selected shaft and grip will be added to this charge.

Contact Greg Neal at 214-808-1144 for club repair needs

Woodbridge Golf Club News

Welcome to Woodbridge Golf Club
"A Short Drive, Long On Value"

The golf course is OPEN.  90 Degree (Off the Path) is the cart rule as of 4/18/14.  Pin Position #1
Pace of play is expected to be 4 hrs & 15 minutes due to challenging course lay-out.

Driving Range is Open today as of 4/18/14
Driving Range tokens sold up to 7:00 p.m. Golf Shop Closing Time is 8:00 p.m.

Next Golf Tournaments:
Woodbridge Golf Club-Pre Easter Shamble GT, Saturday, 4/19/14, 8:30 SG Start. 2 Person Shamble Format.Only $50 + tax per person. 
Call the golf shop at 972-429-5100, ext. 8 to register! We take the 1st 36 teams!

WGA Seniors: Thursday, 4/24/14, 2 Best Balls of Foursome, 8:30 SG start (Pick your team).
Call the golf shop at 972-429-5100, ext. 8 to register. Only $32 per person to play!

WGA Individual Ball GT: Saturday, 5/10/14, 8:00 Tee Times. Call the golf shop to sign up at 972-429-5100, ext. 8.

Results from Recent Events:

End of Year Championship Qualifiers: 3/16: 1st: Caveness-Olson; 2nd: Gartside-Rhodes. 4/13: 1st: Wilson-Pennington; 2nd: Siewsurut-Prabhakar. 

Master's Best Ball Shamble, played 4/13/14: 1st: Pennington-Wilson, -3; 2nd: Prabhakar-Siewsurut, -3; 3rd: Scott-Bowen, -2; 4th: Gartside-Rhodes. Closest to Pin: #2: Womble; #11: Rhodes. Even in the 9-Hole shorten rain, fun was had by all!

 Twilight after 1:30  p.m. for $29/$32, after 3:00 p.m. for $19, 
after 4:00 p.m.  (Family Fun up to 4) for $25 

Each player must have set of clubs, dress code enforced (collared shirts are required). 
For enhanced Pace of Play reasons fivesomes are prohibited!


People of interest recently played Woodbridge Golf Club: 
Buck Brannaman, Michael Finley, Tim "College Football Hall of Fame" Brown,
Mark Aguirre, Billy Joe Dupree, George "The Ice Man" Gervin, Nick Van Exel,
Spud Webb, Daryl Armstrong, Kevin Millwood, Melvin Bullitt, 
DD Lewis, Greg Anthony, Stephen Hodge, Jimmy "Pannini" Franz,
John "Happy Birthday, Harold" Smith (WGA Club Champion)!

Woodbridge Golf Club
"A Short Drive, Long On Value"

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